Tuesday, 6 July 2010

EAC Common Market Protocol: Pastoralists Paradise

For decades the livelihoods of pastoralists has been threatened with resource conflicts, environmental degradation and restricted cross border policies.
The common market would promote security along the borders of the affected countries and enhance food security thus accelerating development.

The nomads will enjoy better freedoms of movement across the borders and the protocol will enhance reconciliatory initiatives among warring communities.
The EAC Common Market Protocol would mitigate the risks associated with their frequent migration due to perennial climatic change and in search of resources for the Livestock thus reclaiming their former ‘lost paradise’ at least on paper thanks to land fragmentation mechanisms that have since taken place.

On the other hand the Governments of the EAC should consider funding economic initiatives in pastoral areas, in order to create jobs for the youths who have recently been disarmed and have exchanged their guns for peace.