Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Groups progress report-December-2010

The groups’ response in the month of December-2010 was overwhelmingly positive, given that we had a slow start at Likoni in the month of November-2010.
Having explained the process, procedure and the delivery strategy to all the groups I met, it occurred to some groups that some old practices, mentality change and a paradigm shift altogether has to take place in order to embrace this new, yet familiar work regime & rhythms to forge a head together.

With the cooperation of the Likoni OVC care Counselors we managed to set out a timeframe for each locality and are now following through to ensure that the meetings do indeed take place at the appointed time.
However we managed to visit and hold meetings with 6 groups as follows:
• Tunusuru shg - Mrima area
• Tushauriane shg-Bomani area
• Kibuyuni shg - Kibuyuni area
• Ufunuo shg -Timbwani area
• Maamuzi shg –Msufini area
• Umoja shg -Bububu area
We had to split the Timbwani group into two groups from the original no. of 58 members, thus to form Ufunuo shg and a group yet to be formed at Mtaa wa mbuzi.
All the groups that were not met have been given the meetings deadline in the New Year 2011.
As at 18th December only Umoja self help group has started savings contributions for about Ksh 160.00.

A copy of the sample constitution was issued to all the groups for members to discuss and hopefully adopt.
The following groups were visited:
• Maendeleo shg-Shamu
• Baraka shg-shamu
• Subira shg- mbuani (postponed at the last hour due to unavoidable circumstances).
• Mpaji ni Mungu shg-Mwanjamba
• Madhumini shg-Bongwe
• Tuhurumie shg- Mwamanga
• Vumilia shg- Maweni
• Kovu shg- Kilolapwa
• Uchungu wa mwana shg- Mkakwani
The total amount of monies contributed and collected by self help groups in Ukunda as at 18th December was Ksh 25400.00.
We indeed wanted to open an account for Uchungu wa mwana shg with Equity Bank on Monday 6.12.2010 as they had accumulated savings totaling Ksh 10,900.00 (being held by the treasurer) but it turned out that some members who were NOT Amurt caregivers opted to open an account in a different Bank.
An urgent meeting was called in order to separate the caregivers and non-caregivers within the group and we hope to register the caregivers separately.
A request is also under consideration by the members to merge the two groups in Shamu (maendeleo shg and Baraka shg).

All the groups formed have had steady improvements in savings, merry-go-round, registration fees and share contribution. our efforts to invite the Shella and Kisumu ndogo caregivers for a meeting this year has proved futile as the caregivers DO NOT turn up for the meetings at the appointed time.
Despite their reluctance, we will pursue them again in the year 2011 and hopefully prevail upon them to join.
A draft constitution was issued to Maisha boras shg, Ushindi shg and Chanukeni shg for their perusal, amendment and hopefully adoption.
The total amount of monies contributed and collected by self help groups in Malindi as at 18th December was Ksh 13050.00.

In January 2011 we hope to register all the groups that are ready in Ukunda & Malindi with the ministry of youth, Culture & social services and hopefully open Equity savings bank accounts, to enable the groups deposit the already contributed monies and undertake other operations as required.

Coast diary

It has been a great year 2010 for my groups in Mombasa,as we are within the time frame to deliver the needed results as per the project guidelines.
It is for this reason that in 2011, i will be constantly be updating the progress of the groups in Likoni,Ukunda and Malindi under the Coast diary column.This way,i believe, we will be able to reflect,rectify our mistakes,learn from the mistakes and proceed to the designated Goal.I hope it will be a learning moment for all of us in the field.