Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Best &Worst

I guess it is not too late to reflect on the decisions i made in the past two years with Lorika as a social-entrepreneur.I will be candid with the reflections as much as possible.

Worst mistakes:

1.Failed to understand market environment (especially nonprofit fundraising)
2.Did not learn from other people's failures (only successes - wish there were a book on failures in social entrepreneurship?)
3.Unable to secure critical feedback (only received positive feedback, later learned business plan unrealistic)
4.Being too "corporate-y" in the beginning -- designing frameworks, plans, etc. 5.Expecting too much from the beneficiaries without giving them proper time and training.

Best decisions:

1.networking with people smarter than and different than me.
2.Carefully and thoughtfully planning and structuring all activities and business processes.
3.Sought lots of feedback on idea
4.Communicating in simple yet compelling ways: things can actually be interesting

I hope to be kind to myself in future.

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