Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Market squeeze

The market crunch pinch has finally been felt in the remote town of Magadi. The GIANT Magadi soda plant, which has enjoyed a monopoly status for such a long time, has silenced its engines and the white powdery smoke,that bellows and rises above the bright HOT Magadi sky is no more.
Workers have been sent on compulsory leave,this will have major repercussion to the economy of the area as the Magadi Soda Co. is the major employer to the all Maasai populations,either in contractual capacity or permanent basis.
Will we also be witnessing a bail out in Kenya soon?


  1. Lenguro this is serious. something big may be going down here.

    thanks for the info.

  2. Could be just the economic slowdown esp when demand goes down. Soda Ash used extensively in the chemicals industry.

    MPs want to raise taxes on magadi soda. Well, high taxes & no production = no taxes.

  3. Anything new?

    Ruud Elmendorp
    Video Journalist Africa