Friday, 6 February 2009

Sunshine days

The weather never changes at Ngurumani.It is ever HOT,HOT and HOT again.It can be chilly and overcast on few occasions(very few this year).From the minute of waking up to the getting onto (because it is too hot to get into) the beds, under the mosquito nets with the fans on full blast(for the lucky few), it is hot.
Rantana and Kapure complained that you started sweating the minute you stepped out of the shower,the first time they came visiting.
It's hard to describe the heat when you are new in the area.Heat that is almost tangible.
But in the moments of cold days,Caro,a friend who came visiting from Canada woke up wrapped in blankets when she returned back home and she longed for the enveloping, sensual, all-consuming heat of Ngurumani.

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